Commercial Services

Free Call Backs

With a contracted service, we offer free call backs which will allow us to ensure that your pest control issues are being well controlled. Our service technicians are cell phone dispatched and take great pride in doing their best to come out the very same day.

Extermination Services for Commercial Accounts

Dynamite Exterminators Inc understands and accommodates the needs of our commercial clients. Some of these needs include treatments being made outside of regular business hours, and more frequent visits, even weekly as needed. Additionally, commercial clients require the use of an integrated pest management program (IPM).


Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM)

The goal of an IPM program is to reduce the need for pesticide treatments by removing and excluding pests from your property. In order to exclude pests we will perform a visual inspection including a report, with recommendations to eliminate all possible points of entry. We will use traps such as glue boards and pheromone traps in order to track pest activity. Pests will be positively identified so that we may take appropriate action to break their life cycle. We will point out any sanitation issues which may be the cause of pest infestations, and we will work with our clients to modify or eliminate habitats which are not conducive to a pest free environment.
When these methods are used in combination with selective baits and pesticides, the result is a clean, healthy environment for our clients and their customers.